Breitling Transocean Replica Complications Gold Marquetry Tourbillon Unique Piece

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Breitling Transocean Replica
Although the new piece is part of Breitling Transocean Replica Complications' collection, it has a strong technical aspect due to its flying tourbillion feature. However, its greatest value lies in its distinctive artistic side and uniqueness. The face is decorated with a gold martingale technique. This involves the use of colorful pieces from different gold alloys to cut elegant shapes on a background of blue steel. It creates a striking neo Renaissance ornamental ensemble. Bram Ramon,a lange & sohne replica watches a master engraver, is responsible for this beautiful decorated dial. This watch is a one-piece limited edition and the only one to feature Ramon's artwork. It is also the first watch to have its dial decorated this way. These characteristics are what contribute to Breitling Transocean Replica Complications' Gold Marquetry tourbillon's high price, which is about $206,750.

The company that created this novelty, led by Yvan Arapa, is known for its imaginative and quirky creations but still has strong horological substance. This novelty is a prime example of such a claim. The watch is built around a proprietary movement that has a flying tourbillion. It then gets a unique ornament that is not available on other watches on the market. Breitling Transocean Replica Complications Gold Marquetry Tourbillon, despite the growing popularity of ornamental techniques on wristwatches, is the only one to use gold marqutery. We have previously seen timekeepers with the skill of masters in wood marquetry, and straw marquetry. Breitling Transocean Replica Complications Gold Marquetry Tourbillon, however,hublot replica watches is the only one that uses the decorative gold marquetry technique to decorate its dial. My knowledge has shown that the only other recent use of gold marquetry to create timekeepers was for Hermes Arceau's Pocket Volutes watch. However, it was used to decorate its front covers and not the dial.

Bram Ramon, a master engraver, was consulted by the brand to help create this unique timekeeper. He had previously studied at the prestigious Liege school, and was then able to demonstrate his exceptional skills in a variety of decorative techniques. Ramon used a blued-steel surface for this project. This feature is normally reserved for decoration of watches' hands and movement screws. It requires careful heat exposure. Exposed for too long will not produce the desired results.

This blued background is made from blued 316L stainless steel and can be seen on the dial as well as the fixed bezel. It is only the beginning of creating ornaments for the watch,Omega Seamaster Replica no matter how difficult it may be. Ramon added 24 K-gold elements, which were cut by a master engraver into decorative shapes. Ramon used a variety of gold alloys to make the composition as colorful and captivating as possible. The Breitling Transocean Replica watch is a complex piece of work because it uses different gold alloys. It is very impressive to see the end result of the work of the artisan. It was originally created by Ramon for the Complications Series newcomer. These decorations were previously used to decorate extremely luxurious weapons of the past, which were only available to the wealthy and nobility.

Bram Ramon

Breitling Transocean Replica Complications Gold Marquetry Tourbillon wouldn't be a very successful timekeeper without its solid horological foundation, regardless of how unique and exceptional the ornamentation. This watch is also very distinctive in this region, as it features an in-house mechanical mechanism with a flying tourbillion function. It has 19 jewels and a rate of 21,600vph. It also boasts a respectable power reserve of 100 Because the power supply can last up to four days, the high-end piece is more functional and does not require the wearer to constantly be concerned about its status. The movement also features haute horlogerie finishes. They include the Cote de Geneve motif and perlage as well as skeletonized rear bridges that were used to provide better views of its flying tourbillion cage.

The watch's housing is round, made from stainless steel,Breitling Transocean Replica and has a lateral insert made from the same material but with a black PVD coating. It measures 44mm in width and has protection for the crown. The housing's backside is also made of glare-proof sapphire. The watch is not waterproof. The watch has a blue dial and supports the following functions: hours, minutes, seconds. Hours and minutes are displayed using two central hands that are skeletonized with luminous tips. Seconds are displayed via tourbillion with a one minute period of rotation.

Breitling Transocean Replica Complications Gold Marquetry Tourbillon comes paired with a genuine black crocodile strap that locks with a steel clasp. This timekeeper is priced at CHF 200,000.

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